Ink Manufacturers

Ink Manufacturers

In Graphic Arts - Ink is a complex mixture of Ingredients that are combined in a specification formula to meet desired characteristics so NO matter what the colour is the ink technician has to formulate an ink system to match colour to the substrate the printer is using to print. Colour is controlled by the amount of ink film that is transferred to the substrate and on the press shopfloor, this is controlled by using a variety of permutation and combinations.

A colour matching or proofing process starts by getting a colour specification from the customer or agency like: A Pepsi-blue, Airtel red, Coke-red, P&G blue, McDonalds-Yellow, KFC-red, FBB-orange, Apple-silver, Xerox-red, Canon-red, LG-pink, BMW-blue and on so forth.

However, substrates behave indifferently with inks and the colour synthesis may not render colour unambiguously when only a metameric colour match can be achieved. Any colour mismatch due to uncontrollable lighting conditions affects the accuracy of colour communication.

To reduce this degree of metamerism, a "Spectral approach," as opposed to a trichromatic approach, is the right solution for "critical colour matching" applications. The goal of spectral reproduction is to reproduce the best spectral match whose colour-match remains constant under most illuminants within a visual tolerance.

This ensures that the "colours of brand" or its merchandise reproduced in a catalogue or elsewhere, will unambiguously be rendered under various illuminating and viewing conditions. This approach requires a guided and expert intervention to reduce costs, save money on ink and produce excellent halftones/screening, screen angles and wider colour gamuts.

At Bodhi Pro, we have mastered this art of colour matching and colour proofing critical for your customer and brands that you are handling. Our specialist technicians coupled by Bodhi appropriated tools and software's provide you with ideal ink formulation that helps you to get a speedy, accurate and consistent ink formulation, formula creation, storage, and approval and retrieval solution for offset, flexographic, gravure and screen-printing and even digital printing.