Soft Proofing

Soft proofing Solutions

Confused on what to buy and what not? Please take a note about few very important things and consider them seriously while you are considering an investment in a new screen with a light booth and if you have doubts and concerns about the accurate colour rendering capability of a screen or monitor. Find an answer to the below questions, and you are good to go…

  • How does the screen perform at Default Colour Settings?
  • How can it perform with Correct Calibration?
  • Does it have a Good Display Capability?
  • Are the connection Digital or Analogue?

There may be many more QUESTIONS rising in your mind and where can you find the right answers to all of them…

With deep-rooted knowledge, the team at Bodhi Professionals will help you answer your queries to the fullest in “theory and practice” and enable you to make an informed choice to operate profitably and focus on growing your business rather than just firefighting every now and then.

So reach us to assist you!!