Color Proofing With Inkjet Printers

Colour Proofing with Inkjet Printers

  • Do you give Machine Proofs to your customers?
  • Are you using Shade Cards?

If the answer to above options is “yes,” It’s time that you opt for a change and embrace the contemporary with latest technologies and solutions work for you to give you the latest and globally acceptable proofing standards, where “Predictable Results” can guarantee you a job and reduce your proofing issues.

One of the most “common judgements” made in the print industry is to answer the question - “Do the print and proof match with each other?” It is a decision that is based on a “visual comparison” today as such with lot of subjectivity that can be “questioned” by anyone. Thus the ultimate goal is to remove the “human element” and underlying “subjectivity” from proofing the visual comparison way.

A good “Colour Proofing” is important to your productivity and profitability. We at Bodhi-Pro understand that it is “imperative to build a Repeatable, Colour Accurate Process with definite Predictability between your prepress and pressroom.” Our long standing lasting partnership with two of the largest innovators in the print industry “ISI and Epson” provide us with the most powerful and complete “Digital Proofing Solutions” available for our customers to avail for their end-to-end digital proofing solutions and workflow.

Through decades of training, research and development, today Bodhi Pro is an industry leader in Colour Management and its effects on the Printing and Proofing Process, workflow and solutions. When it comes to “proofing, service and support” our work and dedicated delivery is what sets us apart from others.

You can count on our team of “UGRA certified Expert Colour Professionals” for your Colour Management requirements, challenges and new business opportunities depending on such critical colour management requirements. Bodhi Professionals will make it easy for you by offering the right proofing workflow and solutions and processes to save time, reduce errors and ensure quality, skilfully manage and optimise all aspects of your colour management requirements of any scale and stringent demand.