Colour Managed RIP's & Workflow

Standardization Process

More than ever before, having a competitive edge and a strong need for awareness and implementation of standardization across the print production process i.e. starting from data creation from the design agencies, Print Suppliers and Print buyers.

We have been witnessing the facts, even after having the most modern infrastructure and equipment, most of the printers today are facing difficulties in getting the right color on the press.

Color Quality Management is an important aspect to manage colors in the pressroom. Today stiff competition demands increase in productivity, quality and profitability in your operation, therefore, it becomes imperative to keep finding ways to print smarter and faster and that is what we do for you to achieve all this with minimal effort.

The team of Bodhi-Pro has been surveying and understands where the problem lies and will be hand holding you to make you understand how color is handled all the way from design stage, Pre press stage and printing production process.