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Bodhi-Pro focuses on bringing the best Technology to the Industry…
Bodhi-Pro endeavours to be the best innovators, who take dignity in their contributions, rising to many challenges and striving to enhance as a solution Providers.

Backed up by a rich experience we would like to prove to be the best team players and introduce new concepts and technologies to the whole of Graphic Arts Segments.Our strong knowledge base provides us opportunity to share worldwide learning, insights, and understanding in order to create unique solutions for all our customers.

Or Success comes along with our Principles, our Clients, our Investors, and our Employees. Bodhi-Pro strives to be an industry leader by delivering innovative products and customized solutions in our focus areas, meeting international quality standards and the expectations of our valued clientele throughout the country.

The genesis and birth of Bodhi-Pro rooted by fate!

This page talks about the inspirational wisdom which led to the naming of the company as “Bodhi” and whereby the name “Bodhi Professional Solutions” originated. It also accounts the comeback journey of Satish Nayak back to the deep rooted attachment with India.

Satish spend many years in the Canada and USA working in the various domains of the printing and packaging industry that gave him tremendous exposure and learning. He understood and dealt with the diverse and nitty-gritty of the technological solution with their practical progression and implementation in the Graphic Arts Industry.

His thirst for printing knowledge was a never ending process and his conviction to transport the printing expertise and learning back to India grew stronger day-by-day. Satish has been inspired by his conviction and this energy drove him to bring the best and the latest to the Indian Print Industry, since India being his birth place and his education in India led him to dream about bringing in a significant change in the printing landscape of India.


The dream of Satish brought him back to Bangalore in India in the year 2001 with the thought of starting a company and an ideal name for his company was a mysterious task.

In Satish’s own words


I reached home; weary from my travels and trying to settle down in a changed India and was discussing about my future plan with my dear mother’s when she told me she was off to Bodh Gaya for a few days and will back to continue our discussion. My mother, an old woman but a lively one at that age found travel enjoyable and is out again on another one of her spiritual journeys. Unlike many mothers who showered their children with gifts, my mother always had something wise to tell me. So, I decided to wait and listen to what my mother had to say before I embarked on my new adventure.

When my mother came back from her trip to Gaya, I made her sit next to me and started talking about my new venture. She listened patiently and after I was done she took my hand a placed a heart-shaped fig leaf (Bodhi Leaf on my palm).

Perplexed by her action, I asked her what it was. She said, while at Bodh Gaya, she sat under the tree where Prince Siddhartha (Lord Buddha) sat before his enlightenment. One of the leaves

withered from its twig and swayed right into her hand. I didn’t know if this was the omen/blessings I was looking for, but the vibes were clear for me.

“The Bodhi Tree” in Bodh Gaya at Mahabodhi Temple Complex in Gaya district of Bihar in India is said to over few thousand years old and is said to be the embodiment of wisdom. Parts of the tree have been carried to Sravasti, Honolulu, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and throughout the Indian Sub-Continent.

The vibes were clear and I did a little research on my own and found that the Bodh Tree had many things unique like the tree that nurtures and also called as “Raja Vriksha” meaning king of trees. I had found the principle to base my company and its ideological belief for the Indian Printing Industry. Like the Bodhi Tree, which stood as the tree of knowledge and enlightenment, I wanted my company to know for its printing knowledge and be a one-stop print solution provider. Like the Bodh Tree, which supports the growth of all the vegetation around it, I wanted my company to help companies grow and pioneer the printing revolution in India and lead the world. Thus, I named my company – “Bodhi Professional Solutions – Our Knowledge, Your Future” and we strive to be what we sought to become.


To offer innovative and reliable services and products globally To foster a printing environment that transforms companies into effective leaders who deliver excellence consistently”.


“To be the global leader in offering customized solutions for Print Industry”.

Bodhi-Pro at a Glance

Established in 2001 with the objective of providing an unmatched range of Product Solutions and technical support services for companies throughout the Printing Industry.

Head quartered at Bangalore with a state of Art technical Demo Centre.

Serving all across India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh and Middle East.