Print Viewing Stations

Print Viewing stations

  • Are you sure with your process and system of judging your prints??
  • Do you take them off the printer and walk over to the window to check and match your colours??
  • No idea what to and how to handle your colour matching requirements at night shifts??
  • Do you stand under a bright ceiling light, when you do your colour evaluation??
  • Or so you use any other light source, which is at your site to evaluate or judge your prints??

Well if you are using any ad hoc measures or any of the lighting conditions as observed above to assess your prints - then you may not be seeing the "Right Colour"!!

If all these usual methods of evaluating prints are wrong what then what is the preferred and established way of evaluating and judging colour accurately??

Well as a simple science with "most of the energy saving lights" are not good for critical lighting and thinking about illumination will help improve the consistency and accuracy of work, Bodhi-Pro team recognizes the need for uniform, consistent and technically accurate print viewing stations and bring before you the "right light booth" with the colour neutral and perfect lighting conditions for all your colour evaluation requirements.