Color Management

Color Management with Page Finisher

“Why do I need tools and instruments to manage colour” - is a thoughtful question most of you have but with no accurate answers?

The philosophy of colour management is simple. Digital photographs should look substantially same at every stage of the print process without significant colour shifts, changes in contrast, and without losing details in highlight and shadow.

We have been witness to lot of changes, which have transformed in the past decade, making it possible to achieve consistent results all the way from design to the final printed product, which is demanded today.

The saying goes – “if you can measure your press, you can control it – and if you can control it, then you know how colour will appear…”

Joining and connecting the dots is what we do - but for this to be true and of value to you - you need to have the right sets of equipment and instruments.

We not only help you “connect the dots” but train you and hand hold you for achieving predictable results, since Colour Management System (CMS) is a process and we help our customer develop a “Correct Process” to get the right colour.

These instruments which will help you in “Simplifying Colour Management” by allowing you to communicate colour information in the most appropriate and correct way, thereby achieving - Predictability, Consistency, Minimize wastage and get Control on colour quicker…

Whatever solution you need, rest assured it's backed by our renowned integration and training support.