Colour Managed RIP's & Workflow

Colour Managed RIP’s & Workflow Solutions

Are you or your management exploring options and questioning as to:

  • What is the right kind of workflow for you??
  • Do we have the right workflow for our print and publishing business??
  • Should we invest in an expensive full featured workflow solution??
  • Or if we have a workflow - then whether or when is the right time to upgrade??

There must be numerous question arising and these questions come at a time when most printers are facing increased cost implications, stripping margins, inflow of shorter press runs and gradual migration of traditional print work to digital and web publishing and alike dynamic situations.

The answer is "YES" we understand you and comprehend your dynamic prepress requirements!!

At Bodhi-Pro Solutions, we will build and give you a pavement, which will help you walkout with the "right Colour managed Hybrid workflows and solutions" to help you save everyday and improve quality.

The vigilant Bodhi Professional,s team will guide you through and make you comfortable with your entire pre-press area by integrating your existing production systems openly and flexibly to meet your individual requirements and standard requirements. We can create a fully automated "end-to-end" pre-press workflow from page assembly through priority driven output management to press controls.